Jimmy Dahl Pedersen






   A fairly simplistic program I made for several users, that wanted
   to do backups, without doing a manual copy of various folders.
   Read the "Readme.txt" file for a quick intro!
   For Windows only!
   Languages supported: English, Danish & Swedish

   Download it here


   This was originally created back in 198x in basic, but I have now programmed it
   in C# for windows. The purpose is to give you a warning of all upcoming birthdays
   within X number of days (default the next 10 days). Set it up so it will execute every
   time you start your machine. The program is configured to shutdown within 25 seconds, but
   that can also be configured! Included in the zip file is a "Readme.txt" and an
   example CSV birthday file that you can import directly and see how the program works
   Read the "Readme.txt" file first! A user guide is also included in the zip file
   For Windows only!
   Languages supported: English, Danish & Swedish

   Download it here

The Smurf Collector:

   This program took a LOT of time to developed (10000+ codelines), but what don't you do
   for your collection :-) I simply could not find any program that could help me keep track
   of all my smurfs. This program lets you do just that, including keeping track of your fake smurfs
   and your duplicates. Each smurf registrered can have 6 images attached to it.
   There are several PDF print functionalities (I neeeded to have my collection on my mobile phone!)
   Backup functionality is also available for your entire collection (CSV files).
   For Windows only!
   Languages supported: English & Danish

   Download it here